Accepted papers

We will announce the timetable soon.
All the accepted papers will be presented in oral or poster format during the HASCA workshop on September 10th.

[HASCA Oral presentation]

-Let there be IMU data: generating training data for wearable, motion sensor based activity recognition from monocular RGB videos
Vitor Fortes, Peter Hevesi, Onorina Kovalenko, Paul Lukowicz

-Benchmarking Deep Classifiers on Mobile Devices for Vision-based Transportation Recognition
Sebastien Richoz, Daniel Roggen, Andres Perez-Uribe, Philip Birch

-Optimizing Activity Data Collection with Gamification Points Using Uncertainty Based Active Learning
Nattaya Mairittha, Tittaya Mairittha, Sozo Inoue

-Ballroom Dance Step Type Recognition by Random Forest using Video and Wearable Sensor
Hitoshi Matsuyama, Kei Hiroi, Katsuhiko Kaji, Takuro Yonezawa, Nobuo Kawaguchi

-Cross-dataset Deep Transfer Learning for Activity Recognition
Martin Gjoreski, Stefan Kalabakov, Matjaž Gams, Hristijan Gjoreski

-A Dialogue-Based Annotation for Activity Recognition
Tittya Mairittha, Nattaya Mairittha, Sozo Inoue

-Reduction of Marker-Body Matching Work in Activity Recognition Using Motion Capture
Shingo Takeda, Paula Lago, Tsuyoshi Okita, Sozo Inoue

-PDR with Head Swing Detection Only using Hearable Device
Koki Tamura, Hiroto Asai, Nobuhiko Nishio

-Gesture recognition method with acceleration data weighted by EMG
Daiki Kajiwara, Kazuya Murao

-Appraisal theory-based mobile app for physiological data collection and labelling in the wild
Fanny Larradet, Radoslaw Niewiadomski, Giacinto Barresi, leonardo de mattos

[HASCA Poster presentation]

-The Practicability of Predicting the Number of Bus Passengers by Monitoring Wi-Fi Signal from Mobile Devices with the Polynomial Regression
Thongtat Oransirikul, Hideyuki Takada

-M3B Corpus: Multi-Modal Meeting Behavior Corpus for Group Meeting Assessment
Yusuke Soneda, Yuki Matsuda, Yutaka Arakawa, Keiichi Yasumoto

-Sampling Rate Dependency in Pedestrian Walking Speed Estimation using DualCNN-LSTM
Takuto Yoshida

-Crowdsensing Under Recent Mobile Platform Background Service Restrictions - A Practical Approach
Oliver Petter, Marco Hirsch, Eshan Mushtaq, Peter Hevesi, Paul Lukowicz

-Automatic Annotation for Human Activity and Device State Recognition Using Smartphone Notification
Ryota Sawano, Kazuya Murao

-CoAT: A Web-based, Collaborative Annotation Tool
Aziret Satybaldiev, Peter Hevesi, Marco Hirsch, Vitor Fortes, Paul Lukowicz

-VegeTongs: Vegetable Recognition Tongs Using Active Acoustic Sensing
Haruna Nishii, Kyosuke Futami, Kazuya Murao

[SHL Challenge Oral presentation]

To be updated.

[SHL Challenge Poser presentation]

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[Nurse Challenge Oral presentation]

-Can a Simple Approach Identify Complex Nurse Care Activity?
Pritom Saha Akash, et al.

-Nurse Care Activity Recognition Challenge: Summary and Results
Paula Lago, et al.

[Nurse Challenge Poster presentation]

-Nurse Care Activity Recognition: A GRU-based Approach with Attention Mechanism
Md. Nazmul Haque, et al.

-Nurse Care Activity Recognition Challenge Using A Supervised Methodology
Protap Saha, et al.

-Activity Recognition Using ST-GCN with 3D Motion Data
Masaki Shuzo, et al.